Studio Policies


Student Lesson Expectations

  • Each student is required to attend class on a regular basis. Just like any other type of goal, your dance goals should be approached with consistency as a major part of your plan.

  • Private lessons are the main tool we use to teach our students how to dance. Group lessons are considered a supplement to private lessons and should never be considered by students as their main learning tool.

  • Students should plan to take a minimum of one private lesson per week, with two or more lessons per week, consisting of both private and group lessons, being recommended for those wishing to obtain the highest value for their time and effort.

  • Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class time to allow for changing clothing/shoes, use restrooms, etc., before class starts.

  • Dance education requires “hands-on” instruction, as well as verbal instruction.  Instructors will regularly correct students by touching their arms, legs, feet, hips, back and head to move them to the correct position. Instructors will also verbally correct students during class.

  • Dance Assistants are provided to work with individual students and are under the direction of the class Instructor. Students should expect that Dance Assistants will work with other students during class, as needed.

  • Students should not expect to work with just one Instructor exclusively. This allows for our Instructors to get to know our students and understand how to better assist you in reaching your dance goals.

  • Students are expected to practice at home. We invite you to video portions of your classes as a means to help you review and remember our curriculum.

  • It is suggested that students not watch curriculum videos provided by YouTube presenters as most of these videos are not designed as “instructional”, but as a means for the presenter to demonstrate their perceived skill.


Studio Communications

  • In the event you must cancel or reschedule your lesson, please give us 24-hour notice by either e-mail, text or phone call. Failure to do so will result in the forfeit of one of your package lessons.

  • Newsletters (sent by e-mail), class calendars (located on the home page) and Special Events (located on our web page under the Special Events tab) are a great source of information. Printed class calendars and the Special Events board are also available at the studio. There is also a monthly calendar of events posted next to the entrance of the lobby.

  • Students should check for announcements and attend events regularly to receive the full experience of their training.

  • Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding your experience with the studio to either Ryan, Ted or Carol. Your positive experience with us is our upmost concern.


Packages and Group Classes

  • All Group Classes (Newcomer, Bronze, Silver and Gold) are by design, included as part of the offerings of those specific programs and not available for individual attendance or purchase.

  • Students enrolled in a package (Social Ease, Bronze, Silver or Gold) are invited to attend group classes that are one level above their current level. Social Ease students may attend the Newcomer class and the Bronze level I class; Bronze I students may attend the Bronze Level I & II class; etc. Attendance in classes that are two levels higher, i.e. Bronze to Silver, may only be accomplished by Instructor invitation.

  • At times the studio will offer a special class series. (Carolina Shag, Salsa, etc.) These special series are available to students not currently enrolled in a package at a set charge.

  • Students enrolled in a package (Social Ease, Bronze, Silver or Gold) will receive access to these special series group classes for free. Those enrolled in a Newcomer package do not receive this benefit and must pay for the series at an additional charge.

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold programs are automatically renewed at the end of your program term unless otherwise specified. Students may cancel by written notice 30 days prior to the end of the current program if they wish to discontinue their lesson package for another term.


Miscellaneous Items

  • The studio is not responsible for lost personal items.  Please notify a staff member immediately if you feel an item has been misplaced.

  • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  We want to keep a clean studio.

  • Positively Ballroom Dance Studio has always considered the safety of their students to be priority. However, we recognize that accidents do happen. Please be aware that Positively Ballroom employees and/or representatives will not be responsible for any injuries associated with any activities that occur from students not following the directions of its staff members.

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